Namso-CC is a credit card number generator that works to make your life easier! The tool works to create a unique and valid card number that the user can benefit from.

The primary use of Namso CC Gen is to gain access to this information for site testing and any other legal purposes. Therefore, the information that is gained through the process should not be used for any unethical use.

With a great team of developers, Namso Gen is simple to use and free! The website will not ask you for any personal information. For example, you do not even have to enter any contact information.

The generator quickly works to provide users with hundreds of credit card numbers. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works.


As previously mentioned, the fake credit card number generator is a tool that works to produce a unique number sequence. The program uses the Luhn algorithm in order to successfully create and validate this string of numbers. More on this algorithm later.

It also automatically eliminates particular number sequences if they are not valid.

You may have noticed that most payment cards seem to have a pattern. They typically have a fourteen to sixteen-digit card number. They then have an expiration date. Furthermore, they have a security code that is specific to the card.

Every card will also have a BIN. This is short for Bank identification number. This is how a payment method is linked to the card issuer. These are the first four to six digits in the number sequence.

Depending on the card issuer, the number that the BIN begins with is typically the same throughout. For instance, Visa number sequences typically start with the number four. Master Card number sequences typically start with the number five.

The fake credit card number generator uses the algorithm to further create the number sequence. It is then capable of creating endless amounts of unique credit card information.

Let’s take a closer look at the Luhn algorithm.


Mod10 or modulus 10 algorithms are the other terms that are used for the Luhn algorithm. Hans Peter Luhn developed the algorithm in the 1950’s.

The algorithm works to validate credit card numbers. The Luhn Algorithm is able to distinguish between credit card numbers that are valid and invlaid.

This algorithm is used mainly to validate credit card numbers in specific. It is used for other number sequences such as social security numbers.

The Namso Gen system uses the system to generate organized numbers to test credit card systems.

These credit card numbers are not actual issued credit cards and have no value. This service does not generate credit card numbers that are connected to actual accounts. None of the numbers that are generated are valid credit card numbers.


You may be wondering if the tool is legal. It is completely legal to use the tool if it is being used for the correct reasons. The purpose of the generator is for experimental and testing purposes only.

Namso Gen does not promote or agree with the generator being used for any unethical reasons. For instance, Namso Gen will not take any responsibility for any loss that you suffer personally. This is because users must take full responsibility for their actions./


A fake credit card number generator is typically used by site developers. This is in order for them to be able to test their payment processor. In order to accept online payments, the site developers must make an e-commerce site.

In order to run a successful business they have to make sure their site can handle the transaction correctly. As a result, fake credit card numbers are needed to ensure that the processor would catch a mistake or a fake number.

It is crucial that once the information is generated that it is only used for testing or experimental purposes. Beyond that, it would be unethical. For instance, the generated cards cannot be used to make purchases.

The card numbers have no actual association to an account. There is no value behind the card.

The tool can be very beneficial to those who are using it for the right reasons. If the credit card numbers that are generated are used for any malicious intent or any unethical tactics, it is illegal. This could result in serious legal troubles for oneself.


Those who use Namso Gen’s website must take full responsibility for what they do with the number sequences. After the numbers are generated, you must use the information for testing and experimental purposes only.

 As a user it is important to know that you are using the information in an ethical way. Namso Gen will not take responsibility for any loss that you or your business face.

The credit card numbers are not linked to an actual account. Therefore, the credit card numbers have no actual value. They are not associated with an actual account.